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Recall Training Help & Adviceshutterstock_416883589
2 weeks ago we became the owners of lovely Lenny, a 2 year old JRTxPug. We rehomed him from the NAWT centre in Somerset. He’s really good but we would... read more
5 Top Toilet Training Tips!shutterstock_89002738
I have an 8 week old Cavachon but am struggling to get her to stop peeing in her bed and in the house. I’m trying  regular toilet breaks but it’s... read more
You Only Live Once, But If You Do It Right, Once is EnoughIMG_3183
I think we all hope that we’ll never reach a point that we have to make a decision about ending our dog’s life. That we will wake up one morning... read more
Smoked Haddock & Turmeric Soft Training Treats
If you like fish, you might be tempted to eat these yourself – they smelt delicious as I took them fresh out of the oven! However when using for training... read more
Pilchard & Tomato Soft Training Treats
According to my dogs, these treats have a similar potency as the Liver Cake we love to use! Very smelly still, but much easier to clean up the food processor after... read more


“My goal is to help you enjoy living with your dogs as much as I do. There is nothing I love better than to spend time watching them run free when we go out walking together – it’s a great way to relax and unwind after a busy day.”


- Gemma Fisher [owner of Daybreak]
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