About The Daybreak Dogs Team

What can you expect from a Daybreak instructor?
Firstly, you can expect a high level of enthusiasm – at Daybreak training is FUN!

We are a small, but highly professional team of passionate dog lovers, who seek out the most up-to-date information to continuously improve our knowledge of dog training and behaviour for both our own personal enjoyment and for the information we bring to Daybreak classes.

Our instructors work on the principle that each dog and handler combination is different and we have a wealth of dog training experience to draw upon in finding the most suitable training method for you and your dog.

We understand that the various breed groups are genetically hardwired for specific purposes, and harnessing a breed’s natural motivation into the work that we want them to do is a key part of our training.

Our aim is to improve and build on the relationship you have with your dog so that any training avenue you wish to explore will be open to you.

Gemma Fisher

Owner of Daybreak Dogs

My goal is to help you enjoy living with your dogs as much as I do. There is nothing I love better than to spend time watching them run free when we go out walking together – it’s a great way to relax and unwind after a busy day.

The dogs I grew up with as a child gave me an easy confidence around dogs and a curiosity to learn more about them. Those two beautiful Golden Retrievers, a busy Springer Spaniel and a fiery Yorkshire Terrier have been responsible for a life-long love affair with dogs that has grown ever stronger with each passing year.

As a child I loved those early family dogs, but my training of dogs didn’t start until I was a young adult, when my family welcomed two Terrier type Heinz 57’s into our home.


The lessons I learned with those two dogs, and the mistakes I inevitably made along the way, have been invaluable to my dog training knowledge and perhaps more importantly, how I’m able to help other dog owners.

Click here for a full summary of the training and professional development I’ve done along the way.

Good quality, up-to-date dog training advice should be something that is accessible to everyone.

As a mother and dog lover I find it heart breaking to read so many devastating stories involving dogs that make headline news, headlines that could have potentially been avoided had people had more knowledge and understanding of how dogs tick.

Dogs are truly amazing animals, and with consistent and kind training they are a joy to live with.

Their remarkable ability to work for humans as guide dogs for the blind, hearing dogs for the deaf, police dogs, cancer detection dogs, diabetes alert dogs – and so many other things besides.

I am truly in awe of these extraordinary animals.

I teach a range of our classes, from the Kennel Club’s Good Citizen scheme covering puppies and adult dogs, through to our experienced competition agility dogs in classes and 1-2-1 sessions. I am a proud member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (MAPDT 01069), and Agility Club Approved Instructor 1st Class, my classes are both fun and extremely informative. I compete at Kennel Club agility shows at Grade 7 and Championship classes, the highest possible level available to British agility competitors.

Andrea Knight

Accounts Administrator

I met Andrea when she asked if she could come and observe one of my puppy classes as she and her family were thinking about getting a spaniel puppy. You’ll notice that the dog in the picture is a collie – it seems meeting Ella, and her son’s interest in agility training might have swayed her decision ???? Andrea and her son Joel now compete at agility shows with Keira, and Andrea is responsible for the Daybreak book keeping. Keira is another dog that I’m grateful to for leading yet another extraordinary person into my life and the Daybreak team.

Martin Tait

Senior Instructor

Owner and head trainer of successful agility club Dervish Agility in Bristol, Martin is both a gifted and motivating agility instructor and himself a top competitor. His oldest agility dog is the talented Spud, pictured opposite and together they have competed at Kennel Club agility shows at Grade 7 and Championship classes, the highest possible level available to British agility competitors. His youngsters, collie Mak (currently G5) and miniature poodle Riz (G7 & Championship classes), are currently making big waves in training and on the agility circuit.

Nicola Pilling

Senior Instructor

An invaluable member of the team, Nic teaches a variety of our classes from puppy through to pre-competition agility dogs, and provides calm and professional admin support throughout the rest of the business too. Having joined Daybreak with her blue merle collie pup Skye, her intentions to just complete the puppy course blossomed into getting involved with teaching others and competing at agility shows. Not to mention a second collie, Ricky, who is proving to be a valuable teacher and a promising second agility dog. Nic is great at helping people work through training difficulties and offering sound advice in building that precious bond with your dog.

Bethan John


Daybreak’s lovely Bethan started by being an invaluable assistant to both Gemma & Nicola in their training classes. Bethan and her family have owned and loved dogs all their lives, and she and her mum are volunteer socialisers and trainers for assistant dog charity Hearing Dogs For Deaf People. She has also successfully passed the COAPE course ‘Dogwise – Becoming a Better Dog Trainer by Engaging the Mind of the Dog’ with distinction. Her classes are welcoming and organised, and her calm and professional manner fits the Daybreak ethos beautifully.

Barry Baines


Barry joined us originally on one of Nicola’s puppy classes as a client with his lovely Collie x Spaniel Lacey. He enjoyed himself so much that he’s been training her pretty much ever since! His interest in agility training & competing, combined with his helpful & kind nature led him quite naturally into wanting to help others enjoy training their own dogs too. Having completed Gemma’s Agility Instructor ‘Starting Out’ seminar in October 2016, he’s been shadowing and teaching classes of his own since January 2017.

Nick Gill

Nick met us originally in a 1-2-1 consultation with his handsome Labrador x Rottweiler rescue Cooper. As I helped him with some of the struggles that he & his wife Lindsey were facing with Cooper, his interest in training grew and grew! In particular, Nick enjoys agility training and is looking forward to competing with Cooper in 2017. Friendly and encouraging, Nick has proved a welcoming and popular member of the instructing team. Having completed Gemma’s Agility Instructor ‘Starting Out’ seminar in October 2016, he’s been shadowing and teaching classes of his own since January 2017.

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