We have a lot of dog training options available, and if this is your first puppy or adult dog the choices might seem a little overwhelming! Here’s a guide to help you find the most suitable training class for you:

Puppy Training ( Dogs under 6 months old )

My 12 week old puppy is chewing everything – help!

  • Don’t panic we have some great suggestions to help you cope. Click here for more information on our next Puppy Course.
Teething is a painful time for everyone!

Teething is a painful time for everyone!

Adolescence Training ( Dogs between 4 – 12 months old)

“Our adorable bundle of puppy fluff has grown into a boisterous young adult and won’t do as it’s told!”

  • Adolescence is a difficult time, but don’t worry, click here to sign up for our next Youngsters dog training course and we’ll help you through it!

Adolescence is a tricky time in any species!

New Owners & Personal Instruction

We’ve never had a dog before and have just brought one home from the local rescue centre”

  • Welcome to the wonderful world of dog ownership! Click here to get in touch with the team about a 1-2-1 appointment so we can best guide you as to which dog training course will be most suitable for you and your new family member.

Rescue dogs are a special bunch 🙂

Agility & Competition Training

“I’ve been competing at agility competitions with my dog, but we keep getting faulted on our contacts”

  • When you have a specific agility problem, it’s usually best to book some half hour 1-2-1 sessions to work through a training solution. Click here to email us for more information on the team’s 1-2-1 availability.

Don’t worry, we can help!

2 comments on “Advice
  1. Rosie cheetham says:

    I have a labrador who will be turning 1 in July, we haven’t really done a lot of training with her she is quite well, behaved but there’s a few things I could do with some help with e.g jumping and barking when people come to door, jumping up and stealing food. Could you recommend any training to help with this?
    Thank you Rosie

    • Gemma Fisher says:

      Hi Rosie, Thanks for commenting and apologies for the delayed response – our spam filters allow too many comments through and sometimes genuine messages like yours are missed!

      I would suggest a 1-2-1 would be the best place to start. Email us on for more information and booking an appointment 🙂

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