Dog Park Etiquette in a Nutshell

I don’t believe shouting at other people about their dogs behaviour is okay. But I also don’t think puppies or dogs should run up to other dogs without first checking… read more

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Top 7 Dog Chews

Chewing isn’t just a nice thing for a dog to do – it’s an essential part of helping them destress and be relaxed and settled in your home. I like… read more

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Chill Out! Tutorial Video Series

  Patience is a virtue – but not one all dogs are blessed with! This is a step-by-step guide to achieving a dog who will wait their turn in class, calmly… read more

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Youngsters: Week Two

  This week’s lessons are all about creating good manners using our crate in a series of fun games! Lesson 1: Lesson 2: Lesson 3: Lesson 4: Lesson 5:

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How to Get Started in Canicross

Image above courtesy of Horses for Courses Photography Today I’m pleased to welcome UK Canicross competitor Emily Thomas as a guest on the blog. In today’s article she’s going to share some… read more

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