1-2-1 Private Dog Walking Training


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Instructor: Gemma Fisher

Pre-Requisites: Must be under 5 months of age at time of dog walk OR seen Gemma for a 1-2-1 consultation or home visit for her to have assessed the dog before heading out walking

1-2-1 Private Dog Walking Training Times:

  • Email us to find out Gemma’s availability

Booking: Email enquiries@daybreakdogs.co.uk to book your slot

Private dog walking sessions are a great option for owners who want extra support and help with real life recall training issues. Gemma will join you with one or more of her dogs on a walk, to demonstrate how she achieves relaxed control of them, whilst coaching you to do the same. It’s a great opportunity to ask questions in ‘real time’ and learn what Gemma would do in any given situation.

Who Can Benefit?

Private dog walking sessions are useful for lots of different reasons:

  • Letting puppies off the lead for the first time
  • Letting rescue dogs off the lead for the first time
  • Practicing recalls with the distraction of Gemma’s dogs
  • Help with reactive dogs – both frustrated greeters & anxious dogs

What Do The Sessions Cover?

The topics covered in the sessions are led by you, but here are some examples:

  • Improved loose lead walking
  • Permissions: ‘Go see’ / ‘Go play’ cues
  • Dealing with distractions
  • How to handle common walking situations

Where Are The Lessons Held?

Amongst others, Gemma uses these local dog walking spots:

  • Goblin Combe
  • Weston Woods
  • Clevedon Woods


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