Loving the classes btw. Love training with you and daybreak dogs, you make it fun!

Charlotte & Bella - Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

I really enjoy the info in your blog and find it really helpful.

Pamela & Shabby - Jack Russell Terrier

My husband, Giri, brought Hugo along to your puppy party in Portishead - he said that he really benefitted from the advice and information that Gemma gave him.

Emma & Hugo - French Bulldog

Martin we are so grateful to you for our training sessions. You have helped us so much. Treating us as individuals and getting the best from us with our limitations is a true gift.

Jane & Jill with Welly, Tilly, Slipper & Pixie - Border Collies

Thank you for being great trainers!

Mel & Ben with Henry & Alfie - Beagle & Labrador

Thank you for all your support and encouragement!

Dan & Charlotte with Heiki & Maggie - Bearded Collie & Working Sheepdog

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for this morning's session.  I really was starting to worry yesterday but I think this morning really re-focused my mind and has given me my confidence back.  I'm really looking forward to training Sam and spending more time with him again.

Hannah & Sampson - Lab x Collie

Thank you so much for all your help with the bronze award.You are the only dog trainer I have had who has actually made me feel that I am getting some things right!! You have improved my confidence no end and I have seen a big difference in Trixie...I look forward to having a go at the silver award in the new year. Thanks again for everything.

Tricia & Trixie - Labrador

Please could you pass on my thanks to Gemma for my 1:1 session yesterday with Murphy. In such a short space of time, I feel like we've made headway and more behaviours make sense. I've signed up for the January Youngsters course with Gemma and can't wait to get started. Thank you!

Laura & Murphy - Labrador

A few lines to thank you very much for the very interesting and enjoyable training session on Friday.  I agree with everything you (Martin) highlighted as needing to be addressed and can see that you would be very good for Mint and myself.

Caroline & Mint - Border Collie

...it is obvious that he has really enjoyed the sessions and we are really pleased at how he is coming on. He definitely has a soft spot for you (Nicola).

Jon & Stanley - Springer Spaniel

I just wanted to say we absolutely loved the puppy training classes and Pip is so much more obedient now than she used to be.. We do need to keep up the training though and I am going to reread the manual. It was lovely to meet you and your lovely dogs, so I look forward to seeing you again in the future.

Hannah & Pip - Labrador

It was a pleasure to watch you (Nicola) at work on Tuesday. Thank you for letting us visit the class. I am keen to use you as my dog trainer and the others who have bought my pups are happy to go with whoever I use! That means you have 3 MT pups to help us train! That is a tall order!

Esther & Coco - Manchester Terrier

Thank you so much for such an inspiring lesson with Ruffles this morning. We will do our best to copy the ideas you have shown us.

Tina & Ruffles - Cockerpoo

Thank you again for all your help and advice regarding Ruby and our current problems! It is much appreciated.

Helen & Ruby - Welsh Springer Spaniel

I want to thank you for all the help and support since I started, I have learnt loads. Please also pass on my thanks to Nic for her very enjoyable puppy class.

Judith & Eddie - Cocker Spaniel

Thank you for today. It was great fun. Roly loved it, it also enabled me to see how well he behaved.It has given me confidence to trust that he will come back to me. All thanks to his training with you (Nicola).

Denise & Roly - Pekingese

Cludo is enjoying his liver cake and has stopped growling over his food.  He has actually gone completely the other way now and seems to need lots of reassurance that he is allowed to have his dinner!

Sarah & Cludo - Pointer

I believe we all have God-given gifts that when we are operating in them we will experience success and fulfilment. Sadly, there are those who attempt to teach and Joel would be only too able to tell you that they are not good teachers. They may be brilliant at what they know but the ability to package that information in an appropriate form is something that only gifted teachers excel in.
You are one of those very gifted teachers and in addition to that you have the rare gift of encouragement which creates a wonderful combination. It may feel easy, if not tiring, to you but people leave your groups feeling a sense of enjoyment, determination and of being a valued dog owner.
Thank you for your passion and commitment. May you feel appreciated and valued.

Andrea & Keira - Collie

I just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU to Gemma and the team for the great course work that has tonight awarded dog Jessie a silver award.  I'm her proud mum tonight!! Jessie and I are now much more confident in every day activities  and from where she started as a 6 month unsocialised nervous dog when I got her, she has now built her confidence and her trust in me making walkies so much more fun.

Sarah & Jessie - Lurcher

What fantastic people both Martin & Gemma are, they have been there to help through the highs and lows with three of my dogs and have gone the extra mile when we have needed that extra push but always with fun and laughter so all of us have a blast.

Maz with Whoopi - Lurcher

Being totally new to owning a dog and agility the team at Daybreak are brilliant at keeping it fun for my dog and me. Every dog/owner team is taught as individuals and every success is met with praise. I was only the driver to start with to get my son to his class and now agility is my new favourite hobby!

Andrea with Keira - Border Collie

Thanks for hosting a brilliant workshop yesterday - what a lovely venue you have, and such a lovely friendly and relaxed vibe!

Becky with Sixx - Border Collie

I have gained much confidence from Gemma, which helped so much when I was starting to enter agility shows. Instead of being nervous and passing this onto Daisy my cocker spaniel, Gemma taught me to relax both when training and entering the ring so that in my mind it was 'just me and my dog' regardless of who was around the ring. I always leave a training session with Gemma with that 'happy feeling'! It's an hours drive for me to get to Pool Farm but distance is no problem when you have found the right trainer. Thank you Gemma.

Margi with Daisy - Cocker Spaniel

Great training techniques in a friendly, relaxed environment. Martin and Gemma strive to update their own knowledge which they then incorporate into the classes. One thing I always take away from the classes is that I have just had a load of fun with my dog and he is one very happy boy.

Kim with Ziggy - Border Collie
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